Peer Review Policy

MEV uses an online submission and review system. The submission and peer review of every article must be managed using this system and based on following Peer Review Policy.

Selection of papers

MEV Editorial Board is responsible for ensuring that the peer-review process is fair and timely. This selection of papers should be based on the scientific quality of the content and the topic should clearly fall within the focus and scope of MEV Journal.

Selection of reviewers

MEV Editorial Board will select reviewers who have suitable expertise in the field and must review all disclosures of potential conflicts of interest made by reviewers in order to determine whether there is any potential for bias.

Research articles must typically be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers, and where necessary MEV editorial board will seek additional opinion such as adding third reviewer or so on.

MEV Editorial Board must follow best practice guidance provided by the Publisher on avoiding the selection of fraudulent peer reviewers.

Review process and transparency

Reviewing process will consider novelty, objectivity, method, scientific impact, conclusion, and references. Reviewers' comments will be sent to the corresponding author for necessary actions and responses. Editorial Board will evaluate the reviewer’s comment and then send the final decision regarding the submission to the corresponding author based on reviewer’s recommendation.

MEV Editorial Board, author, and reviewers shall use the electronic submission system for all journal communications and make appropriate use of MEV plagiarism screening using Crossref Similarity Check powered by iThenticate.


MEV Editorial Board shall protect the confidentiality of all material submitted to the journal and all communications with reviewers.  MEV editorial board will also made sure that reviewers are unaware of the identity of the authors, and authors are also unaware of the identity of reviewers (double blind review method).

Disclosure and conflicts of interest

MEV editorial board shall follow the Journal’s policy relating to the disclosure of conflicts of interest by authors and reviewers.


Authors and Reviewers will receive support and guidance from MEV Editorial Board throughout the publishing process.