Optimization of load frequency control using grey wolf optimizer in micro hydro power plants

Irvandy Ilza Novendra, I Made Wirawan, Arya Kusumawardana, Aung Ko Latt


Micro hydro power plants (MHPP) is one of the renewable energy that can be utilized as a distributed generation with controllable power output. One common issue in MHPP systems is the non-constant rotation of the generator caused by load fluctuations. This instability leads to variable frequencies, which can potentially harm electrical equipment. To address this problem, the volume of water entering through the governor can be adjusted to synchronize the turbine and generator rotation with the load. This approach helps dampen frequency oscillations and ensures that the system operates within desired limits. Therefore, there is a need for technology that can enhance the performance of micro hydro power plant units, specifically load frequency control (LFC). This research proposes the application of the grey wolf optimizer (GWO) algorithm to optimize the PID controller parameters for MHPP LFC. MHPP has been modeled in both isolated and grid-connected modes using Simulink MATLAB R2020a. The best cost function value for an isolated mode system was obtained with ISEim, yielding a value of 0.067653, while for a grid-connected mode system, it was achieved with ISEgm, with a value of 0.015861. The results of the frequency deviation response performance of the LFC using GWO indicate that the fastest settling time was achieved with the cost function ITAEim in isolated mode, and with IAEgm in grid-connected mode. The cost function that produces the smallest peak overshoot and peak undershoot parameter values varied depending on changes in the system load.


load frequency control; grey wolf optimizer; micro hydro power plant

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