Aim and Scope

Journal of Mechatronics, Electrical Power, and Vehicular Technology (MEV) is a journal aims to be a leading peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of information. We publish original research papers, review articles, and case studies focused on mechatronics, electrical power, and vehicular technology as well as related topics.  The Scope of MEV Journal is:



Mechanical engineering

Acoustics, Aerospace, Automation, Automotive, Composites, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Ergonomics, Manufacturing, Aerodynamics, bio-mechanics, contact mechanics, damage detection and assessment, elasticity, fatigue of material, finite element analysis, fluid dynamics, fracture mechanics, heat transfer in solids, hydrodynamic, hydrostatics, kinematics, material mechanics, mathematical modelling, plasticity, solid mechanics, structural mechanics, structural modelling, structural systems, structure integrity, tribology, Production planning, Robotics, Structural analysis.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Bioengineering, magnetic resonance engineering, Circuits, Communication systems, Control systems, Electromagnetics, Microelectronics/photonics, Nanotechnology, Signal processing, Remote sensing.

Computer Engineering

Hardware systems, Cyberphysical systems, Foundations and theory, Trust, reliability, and security, Networking, mobile, and distributed computing, Big Data analytics and systems, Artificial intelligence, robotics, Cyber security.


 Electrical Power

Renewable Energy generation

Energy Conversion, Hydro power, Solar thermal, photovoltaics, wind power, bioenergy, geothermal, marine energy, Bulk generation technology, centralized and distributed generation technology, Wind/solar hybrid energy systems, Hybrid renewable energy systems, hybrid renewable energy system, Off-grid energy harvesting, Energy transition, Heat transfer, Thermal/electrical conductivity, Viscosity,

Electric Power Systems

Power generation, transmission line, distribution system, High voltage engineering, High voltage and medium voltage direct current (HVDC-MVDC) transmission systems, Dynamics and control, intelligent protection, Grid Safety and Security, risk analysis and reliability, Electrical Planning and implementation, Advanced power electronic converter topologies, Power flow control and optimization algorithms, Frequency and voltage regulation, Hybrid optimization model for electric renewables (HOMER), Standalone power generation, Electrification of remote areas,

Power electronics

Power electronic converters and inverters, Permanent magnet synchronous machine, Induction machine, rotating machines, Rotor dynamics,

Smart Grids and Smart Electricity Applications

Smart energy systems Smart grid architecture, Demand management, Flexible demands, Forecasting models, Big data and machine learning for electrical grid, Monitoring and observability, Microgrids, Renewable energy systems, Energy system modelling, Multi-agent control, Energy management, Demand response, Distributed control strategies, Distributed optimization theory, Artificial intelligence control and optimization, Electrical network modeling, Electrical network asset modeling,

Energy Storage System

Storage technology, Power converter for storage, Batteries technologies, Battery management system, Energy storage management systems, Energy harvesting, Hydrogen technology, Super Capacitors, Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage, Flywheels, Fuel Cell Systems,

Green Building

Building energy system optimization, Electricity in buildings, green buildings, zero-energy building,

Electric Infrastructure and Applications

Residential, Industrial, and commercial applications, Medical and military applications, Grid Instrumentation, Electric materials and semiconductors.

ICT for Energy

Communication and information technologies for energy, Energy big data, Communications systems and protocols used for the integration of distributed energy sources and storages, Cyber security, AI application in power and energy systems, AI Methods in Power Engineering, Data Driven Methods in Power Engineering, artificial intelligence,

Electric Markets and Economics

Electricity market design and economics, Energy Regulation and policy, Electricity prices, feed in tariff, Economic incentives, Investment analysis, Emissions trading, Technoeconomic optimization, Feasibility study of renewable energy sources, Quantification of local and global market drivers, Smart contract,

Environmental Issues

Decarbonization of the electricity system, Sustainable development, green electricity, Environmental impact, energy saving, Energy efficiency.


 Vehicular Technology

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell Vehicles, Heavy Duty Vehicles & Buses, Light Vehicles & Personal Mobility, Two- & Three-Wheelers, Welfare & Senior Vehicles, Off-Road & Industrial Vehicles, Railway Vehicles, Electric Ships & Airplanes, On- and off-road EVs, Railborne EVs, Space rover vehicles, Airborne EVs, Seaborne EVs, Electrically powered spacecraft, safety critical operation; Braking systems, Internet of vehicles,

Vehicle Systems

Vehicle components and subsystems, Vehicle and driveline dynamics, Vehicle electrical systems, Internal combustion engines, Fuel and energy system, Terra mechanics including the study of tyre and road, Smart materials for vehicles, Lightweight materials for vehicle applications, Vehicle manufacturing, Interaction between vehicles and the environment, Intelligent and autonomous driving/control, Computation and modelling, Thermal management and safety management, Hardware design and verification, Powertrain technology, Steering technology

Charging System

Charging infrastructure, Charging technology, Charging strategy, AC&DC Charging System, Electromagnetic Compatibility, V2H & V2G Power Transmission, vehicle to building interactions and control, Energy Supply & Infrastructure, for EVs, Topology Optimization, Charging network and facilities, Charging pile and charging station,

Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System,

Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

AI, Intelligent EV, Autonomous EV, Infrastructure, and V2P (Persons) Communication,

Propulsion Systems & Components

Electric drive system and component technology, Drive & Propulsion Systems, Electric Motor Drive, Electric Machine, Auxiliary Components & Sensors, Vehicle Motion & Stability Control, Components for Transportation System, Superconductivity Energy Transfer

Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless charging, Stationary Wireless Power Transfer, Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer, Wireless High Power Transfer, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Health and Safety Considerations, AGV and Other Applications, Beam-type Wireless Power Transfer

Market and Policy

Electric vehicles market and policy, Electric vehicles economics, Electric vehicles financial market, International Networking, Social behavior towards Electric vehicles,



  1. Mechatronics: including control system, robotic, manufacturing, CNC machine, sensors, actuators, kinematics, and mechanical dynamics.
  2. Electrical Power: including power generation, transmission and distribution systems, new and renewable energy, turbine, generator, grid system, conversion and conservation of electrical power, electric motor and generator, power electronics and electric drive.
  3. Vehicular Technology: including electric/hybrid vehicle, vehicle to grid, prime mover, fuel efficiency, energy storage, fast charging, emission, transportation infrastructure, biofuel, vehicle elements, vehicle dynamics and safety analysis.