Nonlinear tracking control of a 3-D overhead crane with friction and payload compensations

Anh-Huy Vo, Quoc-Toan Truong, Ha-Quang-Thinh Ngo, Quoc-Chi Nguyen


In this paper, a nonlinear adaptive control of a 3D overhead crane is investigated. A dynamic model of the overhead crane was developed, where the crane system is assumed as a lumped mass model. Under the mutual effects of the sway motions of the payload and the hoisting motion, the nonlinear behavior of the crane system is considered. A nonlinear control model-based scheme was designed to achieve the three objectives: (i) drive the crane system to the desired positions, (ii) suppresses the vibrations of the payload, and (iii) velocity tracking of hoisting motion. The nonlinear control scheme employs adaptation laws that estimate unknown system parameters, friction forces and the mass of the payload. The estimated values were used to compute control forces applied to the trolley of the crane. The asymptotic stability of the crane system is investigated by using the Lyapunov method. The effectiveness of the proposed control scheme is verified by numerical simulation results.


3-D overhead crane; nonlinear adaptive control; Lyapunov method; Euler-Lagrange equation; sway control;

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1. Modeling and Control of Underactuated Three-Dimensional Overhead Crane Systems
Magdi S. Mahmoud, Nezar M. Alyazidi, Abdalrahman M. Hassanine
International Journal of Robotics and Automation Technology  vol: 6  year: 2019  
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