An alternative design and implementation of a solid state on-load tap changer

Benjamin Kommey, Elvis Tamakloe, Gideon Adom-Bamfi, Daniel Opoku


Power quality and reliability are of great importance in the modern world, whether it be the power generated by the power utilities or the power consumed by the customer respectively. They need these supplies to be at its optimum value so that the cost is effective, and the safety of devices assured otherwise problems such as overvoltage, under-voltage, and voltage sags caused by disturbances in the power supply could be disastrous. On-load tap changers (OLTC) have therefore been used since the inception of electrical engineering. The main function of the OLTC is to change the turns of the transformer winding so that the voltage variations are limited without interrupting the secondary current.The major idea is that the electronic switches and other smart systems provide more controllability during the tap changing process, unlike mechanical switches.This paper presents an alternative design and implementation of a low-cost solid-state OLTC and employs a control strategy that is microcontroller-based, ensuring the desired flexibility and controllability required in programming the control algorithms.It eliminates the limitations of both mechanical and hybrid OLTCs (arcing, slow response time, losses) and is user-friendly (provides an effective communication medium). Voltage regulation is achieved by varying the turns of the transformer winding whiles it is energized, supplying load current and with the tap selection carried out on the primary side. Therefore, this approach provides a less expensive system but ensures the efficiency and reliability of voltage regulation.


on-load tap changer; solid-state switch; potential transformer winding; voltage regulation.

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